Policy papers

  • 11/2017 - Boosting the employment of people with chronic diseases in Europe

    Via the EU Health Policy Platform led by the European Commission, the European Chronic Diseases Alliance has been leading a thematic network on the topic of the employment of people with chronic diseases. 16 organisations from the health, social and employment sectors partnered in the work, which led to the development of a framing paper and a call to action to ensure the sustainable employability of people with chronic conditions in the EU.

    The call to action is launched and presented to the European Commission and interested stakeholders today 27th of November during the meeting of the EU Health Policy Platform in Brussels; and is endorsed by over 24 organisations to date.

    For any information or to endorse the call on behalf of an organisation, please email the ECDA Secretariat at info@alliancechronicdiseases.org

    Read the call to action and accompanying framing paper

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    09/2017 “Move it - some is better than none”: Stepping up initiatives to increase physical activity in Europe

    In the context of the European Week of Sport 2017, ECDA has issued a position paper on physical inactivity, which provides important information on the links between health and regular physical activity, and encourages Member States and the European Commission to step up initiatives to increase physical activity in Europe, taking further steps by 2020 to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 of reducing by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases by 2030. Click here to read the paper.


    05/2017 ECDA Statement on World No Tobacco Day

    On World No Tobacco Day, the ECDA calls for sustained efforts to enhance a smoke-free environment. This is an essential prerequisite if we are to get serious about protecting Europe's citizens from chronic diseases caused by tobacco smoking and generate savings for our economies. Read the full ECDA statement here.

    09/2017 Particulates Matter: why the EU must do more to tackle air pollution

    While some progress is being made, the reality remains that the majority of EU citizens are exposed to air pollution levels which are actively harmful to their health. In this context, the ECDA has issued a revised position paper with further information on the link between air pollution and ill health, and policy recommendations for change. Click here to read the paper (revised version September 2017).

    09/2017 The good, the bad and the ugly – why the EU should eliminate industrially produced trans fats

    European Chronic Disease Alliance position on the need for EU regulation to set upper limits for industrially produced trans fats. Considering the substantial evidence on the negative impact of TFAs on human health, ECDA recommends that the European Commission adopts a proposal for an EU-wide regulation to virtually eliminate industrially produced TFAs in food products marketed in the EU no later than 2018.

    Click here to download the document (revised version September 2017).

    09/2017 Don’t bottle out – why the EU needs a comprehensive alcohol strategy

    The harmful and hazardous use of alcohol has a major impact on public health as it leads to over 60 chronic diseases. It also generates outstanding healthcare and social costs related to the treatment of alcohol-related diseases, public order, labour and productivity. The ECDA encourages the EU to take comprehensive action to help Europeans reduce their alcohol consumption. Click here to download the paper (revised version September 2017)

    09/2017 - Don't pass the salt! ECDA position paper on the need for EU action to help Europeans reduce excessive salt intake

    The ECDA supports the EU’s efforts to reduce Europeans’ salt consumption, but insists on the need for a more rigorous and concerted action plan which engages stakeholders and the public in salt reduction initiatives, and is bolstered by regulatory measures to stimulate the reformulation of food, provide clear and meaningful information to consumers and is followed up by an adequate monitoring system of salt intake.

    Reducing salt intake from the present norm of 8-12 grams toward the recommended level of 5 grams per day would significantly improve public health by preventing many chronic diseases, thereby reducing mortality and saving healthcare costs.

    Click here to download the document (revised version September 2017).

    2/2012 - European Chronic Disease Alliance input to the Reflection Process on chronic diseases

    Optimising the response to the epidemic of chronic diseases 
    Click here for ECDA input to Reflection Process on Chronic Disease

    10/2010 - Chronic Disease Alliance - A Unified Prevention Approach

    Click here for Chronic Disease Alliance - A Unified Prevention Approach

Background Information & References

  • 09/2017 EHN Paper on Transforming European food and drink policies for cardiovascular health

    Read the paper here.

    2017 ESMO-ECPC Patient Guide on Survivorship

    The full guide is available here.

    08/2017 EHN European Cardiovascular Disease Statistics Report (2017 edition)

    Click here to read the full CVD Statistics Report.

    07/2017 EHN Position Paper on Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease

    Read the paper here

     05/2017 ECCO Position Statement on Integrated Cancer Care

    Read the paper here

    04/2016 IDF Europe position on added sugar

    Read the paper here

    26/06/2015 International Diabetes Federation "Framework for Action on Sugar"

    To read the document, click here.

    18/06/2015 OECD report "Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes: Policies for Better Health and Quality of Care"

    Fewer people are dying from stroke and heart attacks than before, but rising levels of obesity and diabetes, particularly among younger people, are going to push mortality rates higher, according to a new OECD report. According to OECD, advances in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases have led to a 60 per cent drop in mortality rates over the past 50 years in the OECD. Click here to download the full report. 

    17/04/2013 – Reflection Process on chronic diseases: DG SANCO published the RIVM report Europeans of retirement age: chronic diseases and economic activity.

    Along with other health organisations, ECDA has been invited to contribute to the review of the report and has provided numerous recommendations.
    Download PDF-document

    9/04/2013 – European Commission (EAHC) launches Calls for Tenders in the health sector.

    Click here

    9/05/2012 – Non-communicable diseases prevention and control in the South-eastern Europe Health Network: An analysis of intersectoral collaboration

    Download PDF-document

    10/02/2012 - Contribution to consultations on proposals for global monitoring framework and targets for NCDs

    Download Pdf-document – NCD Alliance statement on targets

    15/09/2011 - European Parliament resolution of 15 September 2011 on European Union position and commitment in advance to the UN high-level meeting on the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases

    Download PDF - document

    9/09/2011 – United Nations Political Declaration of the High Level Meeting of the General Assembly on Non Communicable Diseases

    Download PDF – document 

    26/11/2010 - Addressing non-communicable diseases: major challenges to sustainable development in the 21st century

    UNDESA/WHO Regional High-level Consultation in the European Region on the Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases, with a particular focus on the developmental challenges
    Download PDF - document

    7/10/2010 - Council conclusions “Innovative approaches for chronic diseases in public health and healthcare systems”

    Download PDF – document